Our handmade dishes are cooked from fresh when you order and delivered to you chilled so you can warm when you are ready We cook rich and delicate with highest quality ingredients, preserving nutrients and we use absolutely no additives

We combine several years of experience across a team of very seasoned chefs who understand the delicate art of balancing textures and the enjoyable science of cooking up beautifully tasty dishes !

What People's Island does for you

We deliver a whole range of delicious food to families, party receptions and weddings South Africa wide.

  1. We have a popular shipping option of R69.99 but also offer timed, urgent ANY WEEK DAY or WEEKEND delivery at a little extra cost. You enjoy time with your family and friends without the fuss and we’ll cook delicious food and bring it right to your door.
  2. Simply place your order here on our website and we’ll arrange delivery generally in 72 hours Tuesdays to Saturdays.
  3. Your People's Island boxes arrive sealed like an amazon box - fox and rain poof. Freshness of your items are maintained for a good 36 hours so you’ve got nothing to worry about!
  4. Our LOYALTY CARD earns you a FREE DELIVERY every month for a year. Priority for sales, deals and bargains on our extensive line of food Automatic reminders, recommendations, recipes and free tasting cooked food packs in your monthly shopping Buy this Card Offer on your current order and enjoy FREE DELIVERY on all monthly orders from TODAY!

Why choose us

People's Island Restaurants

The heart of Africa on a dish

  1. We are family run and we care. We do things properly and responsibly in a Food agency certified commercial kitchen. We are consistently delicious and can’t wait to share our numerous reviews when our new website is released.
  2. With the busy lives we led, we found it increasingly difficult and painful to shop for all the Nigerian/ African food items we needed in the freshest of states. You had to waste time visiting so many shops - one for free range Goat Meat rich in Iron, another for yam and plantain that looked and felt right and yet another for snails and locust beans that looked clean, fresh and well kept. We mostly ended up in arguments and stressful shopping days as well as parking tickets and you know the rest..
  3. People's Island simply means the gathering of people that are on a good journey in the island's area and also the justice in between the three different languages in Nigeria seemed the perfect name for this outfit that we hope and pray we will serve you well with your weekly and monthly food needs. Busy families, elderly, recovering patients, pregnant mums, babysitting nannies, shift support workers,city workers, nurses, doctors are a few of our regular shoppers.
  4. We feel there are so many Nigerians, Ghanaians, Afro-Caribbeans, Africans and precious loads of Non Africans who love Afrocentric food in South Africa working hard to earn a living and we deserve much better.
  5. Besides, time is health and time is money and we at People's Island Restuarants are just a click away to your door or event !